Finding My Path:
College and Career Coaching


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Education is the most important tool you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

What is Finding My Path: College and Career Coaching?


Finding My Path: College and Career Coaching is a business geared towards taking the mystery out of the college admissions process, being successful while enrolled, and successfully graduating.

Services are designed to help you find college funding, figure out how to afford college, determine where you want to go to college, complete college applications and essay's, and find the right degree and major to get you to your chosen career, as well as organization, success, and study skills strategies and tips that will keep you enrolled until you reach your goal of graduating with a college degree.

Services are geared for high school students, young adults, returning college students, second career or career-changing adults, and anyone of any age who wants a college degree and needs some help.  Individual services and packages are offered.

Tutoring is available for both high school students and college students. Plus, college admission test tutoring is available for both the ACT and SAT.